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Can you provide one of our current residents with their forever home? Simply click on the name to find out a bit more about each dog...

*We try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but please call ahead to check the dog you are interested in is still available. Thank You

 I'd like to ask anyone coming to the centre to see the dogs to remember its a very stressful enviroment for them to be in though we do our very best to minimise this.

 When you walk around many of the dogs will jump and bark at the bars which can appear aggressive when it isnt. This is not who they are or how they act once they are out the kennel.

 If you see a dog you like and you think could be suitable for you, please give them the chance of you seeing them outdoors where they will be able to show you how calm and well mannered they are. Just ask one of the staff who will be delighted to fetch them out for you. Thank you!

15969885_1497443933617761_1110536525_n BRUCE ROCKY fred1 FRED bruce2 thun bono bruc1 trifle vin1 BONO BRUCE THUNDER TRIFLE VINNIE