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Age: 4 Years


Breed: Staffy Cross


Kids: 15+


Dogs: Not Good


Cats: Not Good



Sometimes we get dogs that are named not so favourably due to their nature and our gorgeous Rocky is just that. Rocky is a very misunderstood boy as he takes times to drop his guard and know that no one will hurt him. He loves his teddies and really he should be called Teddy not Rocky. Rocky does not like other dogs or cats, and care needs to be taken due to this. Rocky needs an adult home as he is wary of children due to his past. He walks well on the lead apart from wanting to sniff & explore everything but we can't blame him and when returning to kennels. Rocky really pulls to get away and not go back in, This is really hard to watch as he is so sad and really shutting down now. He is becoming withdrawn and his spark is slowly fading. Rocky is yearning to be free from the kennels, and we beg of you to see if anyone has a rocky shaped space in their home.

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